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Daiwa J-Thread Fluorocarbon Leader X! LINK

Daiwa J-Thread Fluorocarbon Leader X! LINK

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Breaking Strain

100 metre spool of Daiwa Fluorocarbon line - for traces etc

J-Thread FC X-Link (Cross Link) FC is a totally revolutionary fluorocarbon line developed exclusively by Daiwa.

The X-Link process is a game-changer for the fishing line industry. The X-Link method alters the molecular structure of the line itself, bonding individual particles on a chemical level. This change in the chemical composition results in a line which is much stronger for its given diameter. The X-Link method also produces a line which is incredibly limp and supple, resulting in a more manageable line and a much higher knot retention.

J-Thread FC X-Link is made in Japan and sets a new benchmark for leader material in New Zealand. Available in 4-20lb breaking strains in 70 or 50m spools.

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