Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dry Desserts

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Chocolate Brownie Pudding - Gluten Free Our take on chocolate self-saucing pudding, with chocolate brownie, boysenberries and chocolate sauce 


Carrot Cake and Custard A good, old fashioned family favourite carrot cake topped with a smooth vanilla custard. 


Three Fruits Cheesecake Dessert A creamy mix of blended cheesecakes with real fruit pulp. 


Apple Pie Delicious apple slices with dried fruits and cinnamon, topped with a shortbread crust. 


Strawberry Ambrosia Dessert A delicious mix of soft serve, strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate chips. 


Apricot Crumble Fruity chunks of apricot made in a hot sauce and covered with tasty malt crumbs.